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This site was created so our friends and family could obtain information that I and other family members have gathered about the Jerrard family genealogy. Send me an email requesting any information, documents, pictures or other data that I have in my extensive records.

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Tom Jerrard, Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

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 A special thank you to the following for their contributions to all the data I am now able to make available.

Barb (Stamp) Marshal, Rob Jerrard, Ray Jerrard, Sidney Gerrard, Bronwyn Smalley, Dave & Jane Martyn, Roy Jerrard, John Brown, Jenny Greet, Katherine Cobb, Ernie Baird and many others who contacted me over the years.

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My Jerrard family of Canada hails from Chideock, Dorset, England in more modern times and before that extending back to the 1200s from Sandford Orcas, Somerset, England and the Chalk region of Wiltshire, England. A branch of the Sandford Orcas family resided in London in the early 1600s. A family tree titled “Jerrard of Sandford Orcas” compiled by me resides as a public tree on “” covering the above families.

Later in the 1800s we again see a family of Jerrards in London, England. This family of the 1800s I call the “Modern” London Jerrards. A part of the 1800 Jerrard branch relocated to South Africa in the late 1800s. Another part of this family relocated to Australia during this time. The 1800s London Jerrards can now be traced back to Wareham in the 1500s via Wyke and Melcombe Regis. A family tree titled “Jerrard of London, England” compiled by me resides as a public tree on “” covering the above mentioned London families.

A Jerrard family, believed to be from the Sandford Orcas Jerrards, resided in Chideock, Dorset, England from the late 1600s. A family tree titled “Jerrard of Chideock, Dorset” compiled by me resides as a public tree on “” covering the Chideock family. The Chideock family did branch to Devon, London England (Alan Jerrard VC), Canada & Australia. The Chideock Jerrard tree on Ancestry also includes family names as listed below.

As well a Gerrard family resided in Beaminster, Dorset, England from the late 1500s onward. This family is most likely an offshoot of the Sandford Orcas family.

I have extensive records on the above mentioned families including an electronic copy of a book about the Jerrards written in 1912 and electronic documents that update that book and correct ‘errors’ in the 1912 book.

Also of note: The Gerrard Family of Trent, Somerset flourished at the time of the Jerrards of Sandford Orcas. I have extensive records for this family and its heritage. See section below.


In 1912 Frederick Bartholomew Joseph Jerrard wrote a book titled “The Jerrard Family And Its Chideock Branch”. He did a remarkable job given resources available at the time.

I have spent some time in research to “prove” his material and provide the references and documentation to support the information. In doing so I have found some errors. Some of those errors are revealed by recent review of electronic images of Chideock Parish Register. Errors in transcribing some names/families from those records. Errors in the 1912 Jerrard Book I have documented in, as a list in this document compiled 02 Feb 2018 1912 Jerrard Book List of Amendments.pdf

Between 1650 and 1665 there were some surnames that originally appeared to be Garhard (first names Richard and some others). They are in actual fact surname Orchard. Some others are seen to be Game and Gale. Orchard, Game and Gale are well known names in Chideock.

Further to the above, I draw your attention to pages 15 to 17, Chapter V, of the 1912 book, where the author discusses Jerrard arrival in Chideock with what seems to Richard Jarhard’s family. A closer look at the digital images of the parish register pages reveals, at least to me, that in fact the surname is Orchard. This then eliminates this family as the first occurrence of Jerrard in Chideock and throws a different light on the origins. We are left with the first occurrences of Jerrard with the birth of Sarah, in 1671, of Daniel and Anne Gerrard along with that of Joane Gerard who marries Robert Redwood in 1673. One would then ask are Daniel and Joane, brother and sister and where did they come from? In both cases the surname spelling is clearly as written here. In addition in 1691 we see the entry “Agnes Gerard widow was buried march first”. Again the surname spelling clearly Gerard. I now believe we have to accept that Jerrards’ have their beginning in Chideock at this time. Interesting to note is that the spelling matches spelling of those Jerrards located in Milborne Port and Beaminster who where descendants of the Sampford Orcas Jerrard. It remains to attempt to connect the lines, which has eluded us to this point, a connection the author was convinced existed with the Sampford Orcas Jerrards.

Continued in my file ChideockJerrardRJan2016.pdf

The entire Chideock Jerrard family, sources, files and information is charted on Ancestry as a public tree labelled “Jerrard Of Chideock, Dorset” . The tree may be viewed via a paid subscription or as a registered guest.

Another error involves “family tradition” regarding John Gerrard who was beheaded on Tower Hill. Beheading.pdf.

Reference for this is in the 1912 book on page 3, Chaper II (2). He is not from the Chideock/Sandford Orcas Family. My document, ColonelJohnGerrard.pdf. contains an explanation of his family as well as very interesting information and insight into the times of the day.


The Jerrards resided in Sandford Orcas where, it is claimed, the ancestors of the Jerrards of Chideock and of those Jerrards in London in the 1600s and later in the 1800s. At present the direct links have yet to be proven for the Chideock and London 1800s branches. There were other J/Gerrard families around the Dorset and Somerset areas most notably the Trent Gerrards (these Gerrards may be related, which I show in my ancestry file through William “the younger” son of William “the elder”. (They considered themselves, in the 1500s and later, a different family than those of Sandford Orcas). Before I go further it is held that the Jerards of Sandford are from an ancient race who resided in the part of the County of Wilts known as the Hundreds Of Chalk and Mere.

Since beginning my research I have come across more material that shines a different light on the early beginnings of the family. I am now compelled to revise the history starting at William J(G)erard of Wilts “the elder” as outlined in this document NewBeginnings.pdf

The impetus for these changes comes from legal documents that show a Richard Jerard conveying Crichel Lucy estates to Sir John de Roches in the year 1371 and in 1392 Richard Gerrard the son and heir of William Gerrard release all of his lands in Trow to John Gowan. Yet in a 1388 legal document John Jerard is named as an heir of Agnes wife of John Babbecary with regard to estates in Sandford Oreskoys. Later documents show this John as becoming the owner of the Sandford Orcas estates with the help of Agnes. We know that Richard Jerard’s wife was Agnes de Homere. Obviously this Agnes is John’s mother and widow of Richard Jerard. She becoming a widow at some time prior to 1388. Refer to my documents Richard1371(transcribed).pdf, Richard1392(transcribed).pdf and WilliamRichardGerrard.pdf.

I am reasonable content with the conclusion that two Richard Jerards existed at the same time. Also documents from that time indicate that there was a William Gerrard “the elder” and a William Gerrard the Younger. The conclusion I draw is that William Gerrard “the elder” had two sons, Richard and William “the younger”. Richard obtains Sandford Orcas. William inherits lands in Trow and has a son Richard who obtains lands in Crichel and, as mentioned later in my ancestry file, is more properly attributed as the MP for Dorchestre. This family, of Richard of Crichel, I believe to be the forefathers of some of the families residing in Wareham, Purbeck, Freer Mayne and Hyde and then of Trente through the next several centuries. They are also the families that had “sons’ represent as MPs for Dorcester and Wareham in the 1330 and 1400s.

There were Jerrard families living in Wareham in the 1500s that branched to Wimbourne Minster and Wyke/Melcome Regis and on to London in the 1800s. These families may have descended from the Sandford Orcas family in the 1500s.


Descendants of Sandford Orcas. My documents BeaminsterGerrard.pdf and BeaminsterChart(R16Mar2016).pdf transcribe information from the 1912 Jerrard Book.


See London Jerrard Families on Menu Tab. The London family of the 1600s is descended from the Sandford Orcas, Somerset family and “disappears” after the mid to late 1600s. The other London family we pick up in the 1800s. This family can be traced back to Wareham & Wimborne Minster in the late 1500s and forward to England, Australia and South Africa.


Modern London Jerrards (1800s) Who Went to Australia

Henry Charles Jerrard

Henry Charles Jerrard a son of Paul Jerrard. I have recorded his family in documents Australia – HenryCharlesJerrard.pdfHenryCharlesJerrardDescentChart(A4paper).pdf, and  (“HenryCharlesJerrard&RachellRowellFamilyTree.pdf” request only) and other documents and pictures.

Children Of James Thurgar Jerrard Who Went To Australia/New Zealand

James Cabell Jerrard b1859d1929

James Cabell Jerrard was a son of James Thurgar Jerrard and father of Alfred Clive Jerrard. He arrives in Australia from Canada in 1908. His son follows him a few months later. My document “AlfredCliveJerrardb1893d1981.pdf”

Alfred Clive Jerrard b1893d1981

Alfred Clive was the son of James Cabell Jerrard. Clive’s grandfather was James Thurgar Jerrard. Clive’s uncles were Alfred Cabell Jerrard & Robert Cabell Jerrard. Clive’s grand uncle was Henry Charles Jerrard. My document AlfredCliveJerrardb1893d1981.pdf.

Alfred Cabell Jerrard b1865d1930

He was a son of James Thurgar Jerrard. He leaves England and arrives in Australia in 1884 at the age of 18 as a crew member of the ship Altcar. The 1881 English census places him in England that year (1881). A Sydney, NSW Police Gazette dated 24 Nov 1886 indicates Alfred Cabell Jerrard is present in Sydney and appears to be residing around King St. Other records of the time show that he crews on a sea shipping line. One record shows he arrives on 26 May 1890 as a General Servant, age 25, on board the ship Oroya from London to Sydney. My document AlfredCabellJerrardb1865d1930.pdf.

Robert Cabell Jerrard b1870d1918

He was a son of James Thurgar Jerrard. He left England on 28 Nov 1895 as a passenger on board the ship Moravian from London to Sydney, Australia.  He was listed as Mr. R.C. Jerrard, age 33, trade – a Draper. The 1891 English census shows his trade a Draper. My document RobertCabellJerrardb1870d1918.pdf.

William Henry Cabell Jerrard b1862d1892 – New Zealand.

He was a son of James Thurgar Jerrard. I have not found any info related to his travel to New Zealand. New Zealand electoral rolls indicate that he lived on Manners St, Wellinton, New Zealand, 1890 and was a Photographer. Death Index shows William Henry Jerrard died between Apr-May 1892 in Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand (folio 820). New Zealand Notices of Deceased Estates indicated William H Jarrard died on 5 May 1892, Wellington. He was 29 years old at the time of death.

Chideock Jerrards Who Went To Australia

Henry Clapcott Jerrard and his two brothers Samuel Bartlett Jerrard & Joseph Jerrard arrived in Australia around 1861. In 1886 John William Halse Jerrard, younger brother of Henry C, Samuel Bartlett & Joseph came to Australia. They all settled in Queensland.

I have several pictures and stories concerning this family.


There was another Gerrard family in the same area of The Sandford Orcas family. They resided in Trent, not far from Sandford Orcas. They were a long established family spelling their name with a “G”. I am of the reasonable opinion that this family is of the Jerrards of Wareham/Purbeck/Freer Mayne/Hyde descent which I believe are of descent from the family of Chalk as are the Sandford Orcas family. In Thomas Gerrard’s book “A Particular History Of Somerset” the Trent Gerrard family history is laid out in the Introduction pages xviii to xxiii. Then on pages 176 to 178 there is further info of that family.

  • My study of material available about the Trent Gerard family, including the references mentioned above, is in my document GerardsOfTrent.pdf.


Please contact me via email for any data/records you may wish to see about the families below.

Damerham, Fordingbridge, Stratford St Anthony Family

Other Jerrard families resided in the Damerham, Fordingbridge and Stratford St Anthony (Stratford Tony) Wiltshire area. It is intriguing that this area is within a few miles of Broad Chalk, Ansty and Tisbury. Areas associated with the Sampford Orcas, Hyde, Friar Maine Families. As well the Wyke Regis and Melcome Regis area, where the “Modern London Jerrards of the 1800s” stem from is not far from the Damerham area.

I have NOT been able to connect the Damerham/Fordingbridge families to any one of my main interests on this website.

I have traced the family group that descend from John Jerrard and his wife Elizabeth Marlow from around the 1780s. I have recorded this group in a family tree on

Another family group resided in Damerham/Fordingbridge at about the same time. Their descent is from Samuel Jerrard and his wife Pheobe Goodenough. I have not traced this family.

There is a record of Josiah Jerrard b1769 marrying Charlotte Day on 22 Nov 1790 in Fordingbridge. I have no info for this possible family.

Tisbury, Wiltshire, England Family

Charles Jerrard Junior born c1808 in Tisbury was convicted of “machine wrecking” having participated in the 1830 Swing Riots in England. He was transported to NSW, Australia in 1831. As yet not connected to the Sandford Orcas family, however, I have one record showing that the Sandford Orcas family held land in Tisbury in the 1500s. Very little is known of Charles in Australia.

Dirent Family

This family is of unknown origin who picked up the Jerrard name at some point.


Father’s Side – Chideock Jerrard Family

My family descends from the Jerrards of Chideock.  A book written in 1912 about the Jerrard family of Sandford Orcas/Chideock provides early documentation of this family. The author of the 1912 book did a remarkable job, however, with the advent of modern research resources I have found some errors. Via this website and my documentation I hope to provide corrections for those errors.

My Grandfather and his two brothers came to Canada and established their families here. I have extensive data on these families. Other Jerrards from Chideock came to Canada as well. I have records for them.

Please contact me via email for any data/records you may wish to see about the Canadian Jerrards.

Mother’s Side – Turnbull Family

I now have a more complete picture of my family back through my mother; Catherine Grace TURNBULL. She was born in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada and married my father William Jerrard. Grace passed away on 07 November 2009. I have been able to trace a large number of the Turnbull family back to their arrival in Canada as Irish and Scottish emigrants, almost one hundred years prior to the arrival of my Grandfather Jerrard. This Turnbull family settled in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada. Related families to these Turnbulls are; Shillinglaw, Cole, Cowie, McDonald, Jackson, Bryce, Taylor, Milliken, Lorraine and Carruthers.

Please contact me via email for any data/records you may wish to see about the Turnbulls of Grand Bend and related families.

Wife’s Side – Campbell Family

My wife was born Ann Elizabeth CAMPBELL and has roots in Lambton County, Ontario, Canada. Her family arrived in Canada in the early 1800s as Irish/Scottish emigrants. The Campbells’ lived in the same area as the Cole, Cowie and Steed families. Other family names are Patterson, Thurston, Willougby, Carnaghan, Dent, McPhedran, McElroy, McGlashan, Neil and Taylor.

Of note is the inter-relationship of the Turnbull – Steed/Cole/McPhedran – Campbell families in the Sarnia/Lambton area.

Please contact me via email for any data/records you may wish to see about these families.

DATA AVAILABLE on request via email (in process of building list, 04 May 2016)

My data includes all updated research, BMD records, Census records, Certificates, Pictures and more.

  • Original Jerrard of Chideock Book written in 1912. Jerrard1912Book(LowSize).pdf
  • Sandford Orcas Family
  • Chideock Family including Alan Jerrard VC winner of the 1st war. Descent believed from Sandford Orcas family.
  • Beaminster Family. Descent from Sandford Orcas family.
  • London Family 1600s. Descent from Sandford Orcas family.
  • London Family 1800s. Descent believed from Sandford Orcas family.
  • Piper & Milne Family related to Jerrards of 1800s
  • Jerrard families, from Chideock and London, that went to Australia
  • Jerrards that went to Canada
  • Trim Family of Chideock and some of Australia
  • Turnbull Family of Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada
  • Campbell Family of Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
  • Jerrard Pallots Indices
  • Francis/Young Family from Chideock & Australia