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London Jerrard Families


In the 1912 book titled “The Jerrard Family And Its Chideock Branch”  written by Frederick Bartholomew Joseph Jerrard. F.B.J. Jerrard was a Chideock Jerrard. A major contributor to the book was Alfred William Gerrard, a Beaminster Gerrard. Both these families firmly believed that they were descendents of the Jerrards of Sandford Orcas.

The 1912 book referenced two Jerrard families who lived in London, England at two different times in history. Some members of the Chideock family did migrate to London, however, they are not the focus of this page.

Jerrard 1600s, 1912 Jerrard Book and Visitation Of London 1633-34

The first family was resident in London between approximately 1590 and 1670. This family, headed by Nicholas Jerrard, was a direct and proved offshoot of the Sandford Orcas Jerrards. Visitation Of London 1634; VisitationLondon.    

Nicholas’ brother William was noted of London yet no records of him seem to have survived. There are records of a William Jearde and family living in the same parish as Nicholas and family but no proof that William and Nicholas are related.

Nicholas and family can be traced up to 1665, with 4 sons attending Oxford College 1640-50, just before the plague of London 1665/66 and the great fire of London 1666. Two sons are shown in London in 1667. No further records have been found.

Info about above family; LondonJerrardAppendix3

Jerrard 1800s: Page 57 Appendix IV – I call the “Modern London Jerrards”

The second family was resident in London between approx. 1800 and 1890s. They believed they descended from the Sandford Orcas family.

Ray Jerrard currently of Australia, formerly South Africa, is a descendant of this family. Ray has contributed extensively to the research of the Jerrard families.

This family can now be traced back to the late 1500s coming from Wareham, Wimbourne Minster (Doc)JerrardWarehamAndWimborneMinster and Wyke Regis/Melcome Regis (Doc) WykeRegis(RevDec2017)  prior to residence in London. Members of the family were Butchers, Tallow Chandlers and Mariners through the 1500s to late 1700s. The following charts show the many branches of this family during the 1800s and after; LondonJerrardPedigreeChart1LondonJerrardPedigreeChart2; LondonJerrardPedigreeChart3.

The document LondonJerrard(r2018).pdf revised Jan 2018 is a written explanation of the family.